Voter Registration & Query

Voter Registration & Query

If You're New to Ohio, Never Registered in Ohio

or You Need to Update You're Ohio Voter Registration Click the Link Below:

To print and mail a Voter Registration Form, click the link below. Fill it, print, sign and mail it to the address on the back:
Voter Registration Form


Below is Search Parameters for checking your Voter Registration and/or Polling Place.


Complete any or all of the below fields to search for matching registrations.

  • Search terms are "starts with...". For example, searching for "ro" might find "Rolland""Ronald", and"Robert".
  • Keep in mind that in *most* cases, voters are registered under their formal name (i.e. "Bob" may be registered as "Robert").
  • Voter query also searches for previously known names, when possible.
  • If you are getting too many search results, try to type in more of the person's name for which you are searching.
  • If you are not getting enough results, try typing in less of the person's name for which you are searching.


Hint: Try searching your name first before entering your address information.


If you are unable to locate your voter registration information but think you are registered to vote and you have not moved outside of your county of prior registration, you may be eligible to cast a provisional ballot during the in-person absentee voting period at Fairfield County Board of Elections, 951 Liberty Drive, Lancaster, OH 43130, or on Election Day at the correct polling place for your current address that may be counted. We encourage you to check your registration status through the online tool below or by contacting your local county board of elections. Click this link for the Secretary of States Voter Tool Kit.


Search For Your Voter Registration and/or Polling Location

When the search is done, click the "+" sign to the right, from there you can find the address of your polling location by clicking the Precinct name in the listing (in Blue). It will open another page with information about the location and district.


Voter Registration Search